Shareholder Information

Millwall Holdings Plc, registered company no.2355508, (the Company) was incorporated in England and wholly conducts its business in the United Kingdom.
The Company currently has 1,390,523 Ordinary Shares of £10 each in issue
The number of shares not in the public hands is 1,070,127, representing 77.88% of the shares in issue

The following have a significant shareholding in the Company :

Chestnut Hill Ventures LLC*978,80970.39%
Sports Regeneration LTD **62,6934.51%
HSBC Client Holdings Nominee (UK) LTD ***57,7294.15%

*ultimately controlled jointly by John Berylson, a director of Chestnut Hill Ventures LLC, and Richard A. Smith, as Trustee of the Philip Smith dec’d Will Trust.
** This includes 10,000 shares held by Forest Nominees Limited as nominee on behalf of Sports Regeneration Limited
*** as nominee on behalf of Richard Press and family interests

There are no restrictions in place regarding transfer of any shareholdings in the company.